I guess I’m a blogger now

Hello all. I’ve decided to take the plunge and start a blog to share experiences, tips, techniques, etc that I’ve learned in developing a web application for a client using JDeveloper 10.1.3 and the whole ADF stack (ADF Business Components and ADF Faces). I’ve learned a lot from the kind people over at the JDeveloper Forum, and I wanted to share some of what I’ve learned and developed.

I’ve got a few ideas for topics, and would be interested in some more ideas. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

  • Prompting the user to save changes when navigating away from a “dirty” screen.
  • Implementing a dynamic menu with security.
  • Extending an ADF Faces component.
  • Using CVS with an ADF project.
  • Using custom Login Modules.

I’m not sure yet how often I’ll be able to post, but I hope to get something in once a week or more. If you’ve got ideas on other topics, be sure to post a comment. Heck, if you’d like to post an article yourself – that would be cool too.

4 Responses to I guess I’m a blogger now

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good luck with the Blog John. I look forward to reading your posts.


    Chris Muir

  2. Anonymous says:

    Where’s the rss feed. It’s easy to add in blogger.

  3. John Stegeman says:

    Good point – let me go find it and set it up

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