JavaOne and other musings

May 5, 2007

After a long hiatus (projects take a lot of time, don’t they…), I’m back in the blogging world again. I’ll be attending JavaOne next week, and am looking forward to posting lots of information about the new JDeveloper version 11 preview release. It looks to be a tiring conference (who ever heard of conference sessions going until 11:30 pm), but should be lots of good information.

It’s been a week of travel for me. Last week, I was in Kenya for the week, then back to London on an overnight flight, off to work for the day, then off to Chicago the next day. On Monday, I’ll be leaving for San Francisco, then back to London after the conference. I think I’ll need a lot of real world “Java” (aka coffee) to keep me going.

Check back here often next week (during the JavaOne conference) – I hope to be posting once or twice per day.