Using a custom login module in JDeveloper 11g TP2

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here – working on client projects and attending/presenting at a conference here or there takes up a bit of time.

Now that things have cooled off a bit for the holidays, I took the opportunity to attempt migrating a JDeveloper ADF BC/ADF Faces application to the 11g  TP2 release of JDeveloper. The migration was, for the most part, pretty smooth… that is, until I tried to run the application. The application uses a custom Login Module to handle authentication; I tried setting up JDeveloper 11g the same way I set up only to (eventually) discover that JDev 11g doesn’t use JAAS, but uses something new called “JPS;” of course, there’s no documentation yet.

I tried my usual best effort of munging about with the jps-config.xml file with no success. Then, out of frustration more than anything, I stumbled upon the “ADF Security Wizard” lurking up there in the “Tools” menu. The nice thing about this wizard is that it (on step 6 of 9) provides a nice dialog box for configuring login modules for the application. Furthermore, it creates an application-specific jps-config.xml in your application directory, and does not modify the global one in the oc4j config directory. Whoo hoo! No more manually editing system-jazn-data.xml every time I need to switch to a different application with a differing login strategy

Happy Christmas to all!

One Response to Using a custom login module in JDeveloper 11g TP2

  1. Hello friend
    Can you explain me How you configure JASS in jdeveloper 11g to authenticate on database tables?

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