Cuil seach not so cool

Not really on-topic to my usual ADF postings, but I read a news article today about a new search engine ( that was supposed to be a challenger to Google. I did a search or two, and really liked the layout of the search results. Then I did what everyone does with a search engine (search for his or her own name) and searched on “John Stegeman Jdeveloper” – that’s when I started to dislike the engine.

Here’s a few of the pictures that were included next to various results:

who is that guy?

this one shows up next to a blurb about one of my blog posts on Steve M’s blog.. Steve has more hair than that!

I’m not Don Burleson!

I’ve got a few years on him…

Another one next to a Steve M blog post…

I guess I don’t like cuil that much after all

One Response to Cuil seach not so cool

  1. eefaces says:


    I think they changed the results after your comment about cuil. Now I searched John Stegeman JDeveloper, and it finds you correctly 🙂

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